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AMAA 2016, African Oscars Best Documentary Nomination 

Maysles Brothers Awards; Belfast Film Festival (2016)

Jury award for Documentary Feature Special Recognition

(Outfest Film, Los Ángeles, 2015)

Best Documentary (Chicago Reeling, 2015)

Best National Doc (MiradasDoc, 2015)  

Best national film, Best director & Audience Award (LesGaiCineMad, 2015)

Best Documentary (Cape Verdean American Film Festival, 2015) 

Best Sound (Premios Apolo Vive en Frente, 2016)

Audience Award (Can (Be) Gay, 2016)

& Best pitch in Zagreb Dox


LISTEN (2014)

GAC Honorary award for best short film screenplay (L'Alternativa, 2014)



Ciudad de Alcalá prize (ALCINE, 2011)

The Public award (L'Alternativa, 2011)

Cinemobile award for the best short film in Sign Language in Seville in 2012.



Special mention from the jury (Abycine, 2003)



The script received a project prize (L'Alternativa, 1995)

City award (Festival Medi Ambient Sant Feliu de Guixols, 2002)



After studying in many schools I got myself in the Center of Cinematographic Studies of Catalonia. There I specialized myself in direction and script fields and did a master of photography with Ricardo Aronovich. Due to my previous experience in the world of photography, many of my companions wanted me to do the direction of photography of their works, and I filmed and illuminated more than fifty films in 35mm, 16mm and super 8. 

It was five years of marvelous experiences, many creative reflections, master classes, long nights in film forums, gatherings in bars and many unforgettable parties. But, above everything, it was five years of intense relationships with an amount of human teams which made possible all those productions. Most of us, the student body, where like thirsty sponges for knowledge and, given that in each work the resources where minimal, our inventiveness and ingenuity grew exponentially to each shot we made. In more than an occasion we worked forty-eight hours in a row to take advantage of the material that we had rented. 

Just when I finished my studies (at my 25’s) and after that half a hundred shorts as a director of photography, I co-funded Producciones Doble Banda and directed my Opera Prima “Fuente Alamo, the caress of time”. This film gained various awards and travelled in many international festivals. I remember that in 2002, in the biannual festival of Yamagata (Japan) a diverse group of Japanese told me that what they had seen in the film was identical to their childhood and adolescence memories. After that coral comment I had the certain that stories may be universal, and that universality is what, although the pass of time, keeps them the same or more alive than the moment they came out. 

Actually, after more than thirty years of experience in the audiovisual world, with more than twenty awards gained for my works and having touched every aspect that composes a creative process like it is cinema, I can use the camera and the sound as if they were brushes.  

If it’s about cinema, do not hesitate to contact me. The adventure will be thrilling. 

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