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Forgetting Nonot



Diana, a deaf six year old girl, who recently lost her cat Nonot, enjoys the small surprises day by day, being aware how little attention the world around her pays to her.


Short film/ 24'19''/Produced by Producciones Doble Banda, 2011.

Director:  Pablo García; Executive producer: Yolanda Olmos; Production director: Leonor Miró; PoP: Sandra Ortíz/ Bet Rourich/Pablo García; Sound: Urko Garai, Verònica Font & Gerard Tárrega ; Sound designer and mixer: Verònica Font.

Cast: Pepita Cedillo, Rosó Folqué, Diana Ferré and children from the 'Tres Pins' school in Barcelona.


With the support of ICAA


Awards: Ciudad de Alcalá prize in ALCINE 2011; the Public award in L'Alternativa 2011; Cinemobile award for the best short film in Sign Language in Seville in 2012.

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