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The press says (features films)

“A vivid and loving vérité portrait”

Sheri Linden. 



Hayley Fox.



“A hidden landscape tucked far away from the world we know”


“A new frontier of trans films”
Colin Stewart.

July 2015. 76 CRIMES


gorgeously shot slice-of-life

Madeline Wolfson

September 2015. TimeOut Chicago


A sensual and transporting

March 2016. Queer Screen Australia

'...There’s also a butterfly cinema, fragile and evanescent. Even if menaced by the trend of a one global single story it may survive, the evolution of Art depends on that. ‘Bolboreta, mariposa, papallona” represents this kind of cinema.'

Antoni Peris i Grao, July 2007, MIRADAS DE CINE, nº74 



'… provides priceless sequences, where childish candour -and that of adults- use cinema as point of reference and the window to dreams. A sensitive and fascinating exercise.'

Lluis Bonet Mújica, 24th June 2007, LA VANGUARDIA. 



'… the final result, mysterious, delicate, without doubt one of the most unique exercises that Spanish cinema has provided in the last few years.'

Carlos Losilla,  26th June 2007, AVUI.



'…Bolboreta meditates on how a film camera can be used to preserve the visual essence of a unique time and place.'

Nathan Southern, Tuesday 13th November 2007, NEW YORK TIMES.



'… is the infancy of art captured with all its flavour, chaste and happy.'

Marie-José Sirach, 26th September 2007, L’HUMANITE.

'...Refraining from distorting information, manipulating an image or utilizing virtual devices, -without a single lie-, Pablo García has managed to turn the dust of La Mancha´s roads into gold. And I say turn deliberately. Because he has done it the way an ancient alchemist would turn lead into gold: with love. Love films are not plentiful these days: those great films by Frank Borzage or Mitchell Leisen, for instance.

Well, here is one: a film that loves the landscape, certain things, certain people...'

Joaquín Jordá

6th October 2001 



A film not to be overlooked.

José Luís Guerín.

October 2001



'...Sounding out everyday events, chasing life´s range of rhythms in a country atmosphere is a subtle task requiring a great deal of talent and modesty. Pablo García´s first film is reminiscent of Victor Erice´s El sol del membrillo and suggests that his best work is yet to come...'

Gonzalo Suárez

October 2001 



-'... Fuente Álamo provides an idyllic and impressionistic view of rural life, bearing a resemblance to Marion Hänsel´s Clouds, also shown in Valladolid, in that the secret for appreciating what goes on around us (or in the sky) resides not in seeing but in knowing how to look.'

Rafael Miret.

DIRIGIDO por... Nº 307 DECEMBER 2001 p. 40.



-'... The most pleasant surprise was provided by modest Fuente Álamo, the caress of time, by Pablo García: a kind of miniature Guerin, so to speak (if we take the wonderful En construcción as a reference) only focused on the evocation of a day in the Albacete village of the same name.'

Carlos F. Heredero.

DIRIGIDO por... Nº 307 DECEMBER 2001 p.39.


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