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A trip. A cardboard camera and an unfinished love story. In his obsession to catch time, love and beauty, Victor never got to finish his project. Now, some children with an open and childish gaze try to get the footage which the adult director aspired and failed to get: catching life.


Feature documentary | 35mm| 81min (film)| Spanish,catalan,galician/ English subtitles| Produced by Producciones Doble Banda-Eddie Saeta- Ficción Producciones-Televisión de Galicia; 2007

Director: Pablo García; Executive producer: Yolanda Olmos; DoP: Bet Rourich;  Sound: Verònica Font; Production director: Leonor Miró; Assistant Director: Menna Fité; Film editing: Pablo García

Cast: Fele Martínez, Tzeitel Rodríguez and David Bendito.


With the support of ICAA, ICIC

With the collaboration of TV3


Festivals: selected at Karlovy Vary film festival, Spanish Cinema Now (New York); London film festival; San Sebastian film festival.


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